Social Good at Rapid7

Rapid7 is committed to creating a secure and prosperous digital future for all—not just our customers, our partners, or those in the tech community. Through social good initiatives focused on strengthening Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, advancing cybersecurity around the globe, and protecting the future of our planet, we’re working to empower everyone to enact positive change.

2023 Social Good Report

We’re proud of the progress we’ve made and energized to do so much more. Explore all of our latest social good initiatives and results in the 2023 Social Good Report.

Advancing Cybersecurity

Creating a secure digital future for all is a global challenge, so we’re strengthening a global community of protectors to help face it. Through advocacy, community initiatives, and charitable giving, we seek to advance cybersecurity. Alongside lawmakers and industry groups, we advocate for policies that protect against emerging threats while bolstering the vital work of security researchers. Meanwhile, our support of free and open source projects gives everyone access to powerful security tools and practices.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The world needs more protectors. We’re empowering people by building opportunities for those that the cybersecurity community often overlooks. Our deep commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at our own company—recognized by the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index every year since 2019—makes our work more impactful while infusing our industry with new talent and perspectives. And through innovative partnerships with schools and philanthropic activities, we’re fostering the development of the world’s next generation of STEM thinkers.

Purposeful Philanthropy

We engage in a variety of philanthropic activities—giving back to the communities where we live and work; partnering with STEM and inclusion-focused programs to promote tech education; incorporating charitable giving into our internal awards programs; and encouraging employee volunteerism around the globe. In 2021, we expanded our philanthropic efforts by founding the Rapid7 Cybersecurity Foundation. With a focus on promoting a diverse and inclusive cyber workforce; supporting free and open security solutions; and advocating for those that often lack a voice in the security community, the foundation is helping make cybersecurity easier to access for the underrepresented.

Environmental Sustainability

To create a more secure digital future for everyone, we need to protect the future of the planet we all share. After all, the fates of our digital world and our environment will always be tied together. Rapid7 contributes to the global fight against climate change by partnering with like-minded individuals and organizations, and by embracing environmentally sustainable practices at our office locations worldwide.


Our approach to governance at Rapid7 is rooted in a deep commitment to transparency, accountability, and our core values. Through continuous engagement, we fully consider the perspectives of our many stakeholders—both inside Rapid7 as well as in the investor and security communities—as we realize our vision of a secure and prosperous digital future for all.